BELLA , Opening Venue January 4th

Capture d'écran 2019-01-02 17.04.25Monteoliveto Gallery is glad to present a special exhibition from artists around the world focused on high quality prints, small works, etchings and works on paper, with affordable prices, in New Year period very interesting in order to match with the interests of the London public.

an art exhibition organized by Monteoliveto Gallery

High quality prints, small works, etchings and works on paper

You are invited to Opening Venue, Friday, January 4 at 6 PM

Exhibiting artists:

  • Benny De Grove, photographer, Belgium
  • Eloise de Susanne, works on paper, France
  • Roger de Tanios, sculpture, Lebanon
  • Fabrizio Fontana and Paolo Loschi, works on paper, Italy
  • Gianmaria Giannetti, works on paper, Italy
  • Megan Janine Harmer, prints, Australia
  • Ian Kingsford-Smith, etchings, Australia
  • Bénédicte Klène, works on paper, France
  • Maribel Mathews, small paintings, Gibraltar
  • Serenella Sossi, works on paper, France/Italy
  • Alissa Thor, la gueulothèque, France
  • Fulvio Tornese. works on paper, illustration, Italy

FREE ENTRY with a welcome drink
in presence of the artists for the New Year

Thanks to confirm if you will attend the opening!
Contact: Chantal Lora, Monteoliveto Gallery, + 33 (0)6 3000 56 63

9am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Weekends by appointment only
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
The Coningsby Gallery
30 Tottenham Street

T: 0207 636 7478

The exhibition will run till January 12, 2019

locandina BELLA

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